Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Palestine Fashion Alert: Thobe made "Sexy"

Make it sexy, wear it with stockings, or add red heels? 

Looks like these people are trying to make a few bucks by Westernizing a traditional Palestinian dress. It does not stray too far from Forever 21's attempt at "ethnic" and "tribal"  clothing in the name of style. Just recently Palestinians found their traditional scarf being manufactured by name brands, while the only factory to produce the authentic keffiya scarf, located in Hebron, still struggles to remain open.

Say no to knock off culture. 

If you are Palestinian and told your grandmother to wear her thobe sexy, she would proudly tell you she is sexy just the way she is.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Real Madrid really standing in solidarity with Palestine?

According to the Palestine News and Info Agency, Wafa, the popular football club Real Madrid is taking initiative to support Palestinians despite some shady photographs of the team players with Israeli war criminals.

In a partnership with UNRWA, Real Madrid's support will apparently help 10,000 Palestinian refugee children. As the Real Madrid Foundation and UNRWA unite they outlined the following benefits to their endeavor as "a goal for peace:"