Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Palestine Fashion Alert: Thobe made "Sexy"

Make it sexy, wear it with stockings, or add red heels? 

Looks like these people are trying to make a few bucks by Westernizing a traditional Palestinian dress. It does not stray too far from Forever 21's attempt at "ethnic" and "tribal"  clothing in the name of style. Just recently Palestinians found their traditional scarf being manufactured by name brands, while the only factory to produce the authentic keffiya scarf, located in Hebron, still struggles to remain open.

Say no to knock off culture. 

If you are Palestinian and told your grandmother to wear her thobe sexy, she would proudly tell you she is sexy just the way she is.

It is one thing if a random person wore this without knowing a thing about the tradition of Palestine. But if a Palestinian woman knowingly defamed this traditional dress, would we pardon it in the name of style, or do women reserve their choice in clothing and expression?

As a friend asked, "On a scale from 0 to Haifa Wahbe, how scandalous is this?"


  1. Wow. As a Palestinian, I would never want to see the beautiful and modest thobe defamed like this for the sake of "fashion". The whole point of the thobe is to represent the Palestinian heritage and the style of our villages (as seen by the stitching). Tradition is the key to keeping Palestine alive. We, as the younger Palestinian generation, must embrace tradition. Viva La Palestina!

  2. This isn't scandalous at all. It's a cropped version of the original thobe. I would love to see more young Palestinian Americans wearing some type of tatreez than none at all. What a waste that our embroidery is vanishing. The model has her leg up but I would think the dress is almost knee length.

    I am not a fan of the pantyhose, though.

  3. are you kidding me??? this is adorable! i want one and i am 100% palestinian...my grandmother doesn't even like that i wax my eyebrows or mustache i wouldn't ask for her fashion advice anyways! being close minded like this is why our culture is disappearing.