Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Palestinians: Stop Watching Turkish Soap Operas

Erdogan shaking hands with Ariel Sharon

Turning to Israel, Erdogan said: 'It is out of the question for Turkey to normalise ties with Israel" unless it apologises for last year's deadly flotilla raid, pays compensation and lifts a blockade imposed on Gaza. 'Israel sees itself above the law,' he said, and accused the Jewish state of 'turning a deaf ear' to Turkey's demands.--Ahram Online

Erdogan marches into the Arab League ready to tell the Arabs who were once subjects to his homelands colonization over a century ago. He tells them what they need to do together, and that he supports their endeavors. He seasons his call for a Palestinian state with typical nationalist imagery of raised Palestinian flags in a shared declaration of statehood before the UN. He is the hero of desperates.

The Arabs applauded. They have nothing else to applaud after doing so every time they look in the mirror.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sharek Youth Forum: teaching youth to abide by USAID

If you visit the home page of Sharek, an NGO based in Ramallah, you will find an add campaign running that says, Sharek (or partnership) is not allowed in Gaza, as Hamas continues to block NGO presence in the Gaza Strip

Throughout the NGO community, Sharek is known to be vicious and competitive. They often host a variety of events and trainings and in my opinion, ranks in the top 5 most influential NGOs in the West Bank. What is interesting is that it seems to exploit the voice of youth to comment on Gaza's particular attention to what NGOs are able to function as, without addressing what caused the need for such NGOs in the first place: Israel.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The geography of Arab unrest

Did you buy those just to burn them?!

How do you boycott that which feeds you, Mr. Fayyad?

Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy fires woman for being ill

All over a bid for some aid from the EU, a young Palestinian woman was fired when she called  her employer, Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy, early this morning to inform them that she was ill and would not be able to work.