Verbal Rocks: Slingshot of the Mind

Verbal Rock,[vur-buhl rok]: 1.noun [root, Civil Unrest] an expression launched from the cognitive abilities of a revolutionary against the institutionalized language of an oppressor. 2. verb [root, Activism]: to Verbal Rock is to celebrate the diverse attributes of language and expression, and to highlight its unique strengths and creativity as a means of resistance to oppressive entities in a celebratory manner. See Also: Oppressors of Your Mind. See Also: Slingshot of the Mind.

Slingshot of the Mind, [sleng-shot of the mynd] noun [root, unconventional education]: the strongest weapon known to man is this, that launches factual and intellegent knowledge to target the inconsistencies of the institutional Goliaths of society. See Also: David and Goliath is a previous blog project of mine that I am torn to shut down. So I will be incorporating some of the posts from there and focusing on Verbalrocks as a creative space. These will be labeled as Verbal Rocks but by all means feel free to visit the last six years of my life.

What is Verbal Rocks?

Do you ever hear people yacking on and on about something they think they know? Let me give you an example. You are driving to work and listening to a radio show. The talk show host is giving various reasons why a particular computer is the best consumer product. You finally make it to work and greet your coworkers. One in particular arrived at about the same time you did, and is explaining exactly why the office should invest in buying the same computer. In fact, her reasons are those exactly enumerated by the radio host, in the same order and fashion and justification.

Now for the person with little intellectual capacity, they would not question their coworker twice. But this blog and its readers would think twice and stop to think, "Wow how indoctrinated. If only she had done a little research she would find that the radio show was being sponsored by the company who produces the computers."

The purpose of Verbal Rocks is to re-evaluate the information we are force fed in society. Whether it be political justifications for wars or embargoes, what is determining social fads, or the cultural implications of our actions, Verbal Rocks is an attempt to reassess and deconstruct the institution of language as enforced by the powers of this world.

It is our free, independent thoughts that form a Verbal Rock, and it is with these precious intellectual resources that will enable us to face the ignorant Goliaths of our society.

By all means, it's just opinions. And discussions ensue. It is this process that provides refinement for our collective empowerment. But if you dare justify your thoughts because of some crippling institution, fear of cultural backlash, or the insecurity of one afraid to step on the shadow that follows them, don't worry. Just do not be surprised when we call you out on it.