Sunday, May 13, 2012

"I told the Israelis please please please..."

In an article published by the New York Times Mahmood Abbas has outdone himself again in altitude achieved as he brown nosed Israel.  The article states,
“If they help me to get weapons, I’m helping them because I’m promoting security,” Mr. Abbas said of the Israelis. “We want security to stop terrorism. We have a need for these legal weapons. I have complaints from the security apparatus: ‘We don’t have guns and bullets.’ ”
New York Times writer Jodi Ruderen went on to describe what seemed to be grovelling by Mahmood Abbas, contradicting his loud speech last year at the UN for an independent and recognized Palestinian nation.

Mahmood Abbas "told the Israelis: 'Please, please please" to recognize the demands of hunger striking prisoners else chaos would break loose and be "bad for us."

Just this week video was released from a solidarity tent in Al Bireh for hunger striking prisoners. Abbas' security were shoving individuals aside as those in solidarity chanted for Mahmoud Abbas to be more accountable to the plight of Palestinian prisoners. Instead the Palestinian Authority chairman and top collaborator with Israel mumbled a few words as he passed through the crowd of mothers holding portraits of their imprisoned sons.

With what has been reported by the NYT, his presence at the solidarity tent is contradicted by his need for more weaponry to be used against Palestinian civilians in the event hunger striking prisoners do succumb to their hunger strikes. Supporters of Mahmood Abbas argue that his comments are legitimate, stating that an armed Palestinian police force would reduce the need for Israeli Occupation forces. Yet this mereley shows the symbiotic relationship between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli military, working together for a shared security.

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners held in Occupation prisons joined the hunger strike in April on Prisoners' Day. The New York Times article comes just as two prisoners on hunger strike, Thaer Halaleh and Bilal Diab, entered their 76th day without food. It also comes amid a period of mourning and remembrance for Palestinians globally to mark the 64th anniversary of the Nakba, or Catastrophe, when Israel was founded and ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages and murdered countless of victims.











  1. if we have weapons the israelies cant complain about security reasons , they will have no excuse for checkpoints and israelies roaming the Palestinian cities , Abbas is not a fiery leader , but as a palestinian , he is my leader.

    1. predicted this!/PalestineRAGE/status/201760813156012032

  2. That's a stupid argument. I hope you are older than a 5 years old. Coz I know 5 yr old kids who can think better than this. Beside being unelected president, as a Palestinian, he does not represent me.

  3. So where are you now, my unruly friend ... Is everything alright?